(not working for%, but selling applications)
Get ready applications / leads / clients for the construction of frame houses in any country in the world
✓ Without "we need to try," development of strategies and other nonsense
✓ There is READY system for attracting customers to frame houses (their sites + advertising, giving up to 28 applications per day)
✓ The system has been developed in 4 countries
✓ The bid price (of a real person who wants to build a frame house in your region in the near future, has a ground and money) = 3-5 dollars
✓ Get customers the day after tomorrow
✓ The system works in any country in the world

What do you get in numbers?
Applications for the construction of frame houses per day

✓ From your region
✓ People have a ground and money
✓ They want to build in the near future
dollars = 1st bid price
From now on, you're going to be thinking, "where do you get your customers."

Your concern from now on is how to handle them and where to recruit new teams

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