After reading the instructions, you will learn what to do in the 1,2,3 format to start SYSTEMATICALLY receiving hundreds of construction applications per month
(suitable for foremen and firms even in off-season and crisis)
Through simple actions
embedding your identity in advertising
intercepting objects at an early stage of decision making
How can a construction company take >2 objects per month?
(for 8 pages)
Step-by-step PDF instructions
Download a detailed PDF-instruction (8 pages) "How a small construction company can form a tight flow of potential customers and systematically take 2 or more objects per month
✓ and form a base of hot potentials even in the off-season,
✓ without wasting time on tests, sites, and directologists
✓ through simple actions,
✓ implementation of personality in marketing
✓ and intercept clients in the early stages of decision making,
✓ automatic warm-up
✓ how to get orders from a VIP audience that only wants to work with you and is ready to start building now

(they didn't think of this, or they did, but they didn't implement 96% of construction companies (even large ones).

After reading the instructions, you will learn what to do in the format 1,2,3 to start SYSTEMATICALLY receiving hundreds of requests for construction per month, to pick out the most interesting objects from there + how to receive several requests per month from VIP customers, but who want to work now and only with you

The instructions will be available immediately after filling out the form.

P.S. Do not worry - no one will call this phone 10 times a day, at most - within a week I will personally call ONCE to get acquainted and answer any questions
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